Textiles 1

My journey through OCA’s Textiles 1: Mixed Media for Textiles. Having studied Drawing 1 and Sculpture 1 with OCA, I chose to embark on my final Level 1 module. I selected Mixed Media for Textiles because it contained a lot of the elements I enjoy personally (surface distortion, printing, sewing) and those that I studied in Sculpture 1 (casting). The ethos of Mixed Media appeals to my constant quest to ‘create not consume’; that is to re-use objects where possible and not to buy more. I find that, as re-purposing objects is a constraint, this sharpens the creative mind. Continue reading Textiles 1

Tom Friedman

Sandra suggested I research the artist Tom Friedman and his use of materials. Tom Friedman (b. 1965), lives and works in Massachusetts, USA. His work is seemingly satirical and, certain pieces remind me of Gilbert and George with the use of his own bodily extracts (pubic hair, faeces – Gilbert and George used blood, semen etc, as a stance of needing to draw upon whatever was readily available to them). I do very much appreciate his utilization and deployment of everyday materials – this definitely resonates with my own practice. He is a challenging artist and I like this. He … Continue reading Tom Friedman